5 Minutes Beard Care

3 tips will serve as a "go to" daily routine that will allow you to go from bed to business meeting in less than 5 minutes.

Every man wants to look good when he starts his day.  However, no man wants to waste valuable time to get ready.   The following 3 tips of bread care will serve as a “go to” daily routine that will allow you to go from bed to business meeting in less than 5 minutes.  Shall we begin?

1) Dampen Beard with Warm Water – whether you get up first thing and shower or just get up to wash your face, you will want to dampen your beard with warm water.  This will soften up the facial hair, making it more pliable.

2)  Use a High Quality Beard Oil – for those that have been maintaining a beard for quite some time, this will seem like a no-brainer.  For newbies to the bearding world this may be somewhat of a new concept.  High quality beard oil is absolutely essential to every bearded man’s morning routine.  The beard oil will nourish and soften the facial hair, allowing you to comb it into place.  It will also hydrate the facial hair, reducing itching and allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day.  Without beard oil the facial hair will become brittle and dehydrated.  This will make for a course, itchy, and unruly beard.  You most certainly don’t want that.

Be sure to be thorough when applying the beard oil.  Make sure you not only rub the oil into the facial hair but also get all the way down to the skin.  This allows the natural properties of the oil to replenish the skin, which will also reduce chafing and irritation.

We obviously recommend Grow Bar Organic Beard Oil, Designed for active, competitive, confident men who want to look good and perform well at all times.

3) Comb Your Beard According to the Direction it Grows. It’s important to realize the hair on your face is courser and often thicker than the hair on your head.  That said, it still grows in certain patterns like the hair on your head.  You need to recognize that pattern in order to comb your beard in the direction that will allow it to lay down.

Completing steps 1 and 2 will always be helpful in getting the facial hair to cooperate.  Once you have done those and realize the pattern in which your beard grows, you will have no problem getting the entire routine in a matter of minutes.  Your beard will look great and you will be ready to dominate the day.


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